Haskap Nuggets Panettone

Haskap Nuggets Panettone

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A Savory Partnership

A panettone is a traditonnal Italian brioche bread very popular for Christmas time. This particular one is a flavorsome partnership between the gourmet panettone specialist Montréal based bakery Viva Panettone, and yours truly : Point G.

For this unique creation, the Point G team invented innovative haskap nuggets to achieve a perfect mix between Italy's traitionnal bakery and Canada's precious northern little berry.

Ingredients: Flour (Wheat), Candied haskap (Sugars (Haskap puree, Sugar), Dried apples, Cornstarch, Pectin, Citric acid), Butter 82-84% (Milk), Sugars (Fine sugar, Quebec honey, Acacia honey, Glucose), Egg yolks, Water, Natural sourdough, Cream 35%, Homemade candied organic lemons, Sweet clover powder, Sea salt, Organic lemon curd, Organic lemon juice, Planifolia vanilla pods from Mexico and Tahitensis vanilla pods from Papua New Guinea.

May contain: Mustard seeds, Soy, Nuts (Hazelnuts, Pistachios, Almonds).


Who we are

We are striving to make the finest gourmet bliss on this side of the Atlantic. A labor of love from chef Julien Reignier, Point G represents his drive for perfection in taste, appearance, freshness and quality. Every treat you will find at Point G, from macarons to others, is made in Montreal from high end ingredients. Whatever you choose, you can be certain you’ll be in for a true Gourmet Pleasure.


We use a courier service with overnight delivery since macarons are fragile creations. On the day of your delivery, your products will be prepared at our Mont-Royal Street boutique in the morning and delivered to you in the afternoon between 12pm and 6pm. Please be there to receive your order! Eat within the next seven to ten days to ensure the best experience but make sure to keep them in your fridge...

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