SPECIAL - 3 Collections

SPECIAL - 3 Collections

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Get the best of three worlds at a sweet price with this limited time sale!

Whether you are craving the sophistication of timeless classics, the intensity of lucious gourmet macarons or the sweetness of summer fruits, we got you covered with our collections trio. 

1x Classic Box

We named it Classic Box for a reason : this selection gathers our best sellers since our first days, back in 2007. You can never go wrong with classics !

You will get : 2 Caramel, 1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla, 1 Pistachio, and 1 Raspberry.

1x Gourmet Box

Looking for rich, intense and decadent flavours, the Gourmet box is the one! Pair this with a fireplace with crackling flames, and you are on board for a memorable evening.

You will get: 2 Chocolate, 1 Crème Brûlée, 1 Coconut, 1 Caramel and 1 Maple Taffy.

1x Fruity Box

Activate your tastebuds with the brightness of real fruits! The Fruity Box is packed with sweet aromas that will make you taste the peak of summer. Bonus points: these macarons are dairy-free!

You will get: 2 raspberry, 1 lemon, 1 blueberry, 1 exotic and 1 cherry.

Who we are

We are striving to make the finest gourmet bliss on this side of the Atlantic. A labor of love from chef Julien Reignier, Point G represents his drive for perfection in taste, appearance, freshness and quality. Every treat you will find at Point G, from macarons to others, is made in Montreal from high end ingredients. Whatever you choose, you can be certain you’ll be in for a true Gourmet Pleasure.


We use a courier service with overnight delivery since macarons are fragile creations. On the day of your delivery, your products will be prepared at our Mont-Royal Street boutique in the morning and delivered to you in the afternoon between 12pm and 6pm. Please be there to receive your order! Eat within the next seven to ten days to ensure the best experience but make sure to keep them in your fridge...

Delivery costs are between 10$ and 15$ depending on the delivery zone – but we offer free delivery for orders over 45$! Take a look at our delivery zones here.